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To commemorate Trinidad and Tobago’s 54th anniversary  of its independence, UNI-TnT, a newly formed organization of  Trinidad and Tobago nationals in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). is holding its first annual Family and Friends Picnic on Sunday at Petticoat Creek, Pickering.

Neil Rampersad, Treasurer/Secretary of UNI-TnT, said curry duck and mango chow

competitions will be ” on the agenda”  at the Picinc.

And for the more athletic, there will be ” a Tug of War as well as three-legged race, egg-and-spoon race, bag race and sprinting which will all be open to children and adults.”

“Of course, prizes will be awarded to the winners.”

Rampersad  told the Caribbean Camera that members of his organization, headed by Carlos Maharaj, have worked in the past with other organization  but saw the need ” to form a new organization to promote new ideas, thoughts and events that promote family values, traditional learning and modern learning”

” We aim  to eliminate the negative stereotypes such as “crabs in a bucket” that cloud the Trinidadian Community.  Together we intend to promote Trinidadian-owned businesses and the diversity of our beautiful culture and to help those in need. As a group, our motto is to ‘not outsmart each other; but be smart together.’”

Rampersad said that UNI-TnT, headed by Carlos Maharaj, aims to assist  needy fellow nationals in Toronto and in Trinidad and Tobago ” by donating clothes, food, and other items to orphanages, churches, temples, mosques, and community centres.”

The actual date of Trinidad and Tobago’s Independence anniversary is August 31.

” But we decided to get an early start on the celebrations,” Rampersad said with a chuckle.